Scottish Housing Day at the Forfar Community Network

This year, Scottish Housing Day was celebrated by meeting with Forfar residents at the Forfar Community Network

The themes this time were

  • Dementia Friends training,
  • rent setting consultation and
  • local police update

Here are photos from the day:IMG_2828



Timmergreens – building a better future

timm pic

Footage from the 3D flythrough at See clickable link below

We are asking residents in the Timmergreens area of Arbroath to help us deliver a £26 million housing regeneration project.

Recent consultation with Timmergreens tenants highlighted overwhelming support for large scale regeneration proposals which will see the demolition of 140 flats and the creation of better quality, affordable homes.

The plan, approved by our Communities Committee in August, will deliver more modern properties, improving the environment and enhancing people’s quality of life. It will make the area a better place to live for Angus residents.

timmergreens now

Some of the blocks in Timmergreens as they look today

The Timmergreens area was chosen for regeneration due to its higher than average numbers of low demand properties (which is characterised by a small waiting list, high numbers of empty houses, high refusal rate and low level of tenancy sustainment).

craig fCommunities convener Craig Fotheringham said: “We want to replace the existing properties with new houses that people are proud to call home. As well as building new homes, the project will see great improvements to the areas open spaces, with walking and cycling routes and a better environment for all. We believe this programme will bring long-term benefits to the community. By offering a range of modern, high-quality and energy efficient accommodation, we can create a sustainable environment, satisfying changing needs within Arbroath for years to come.”

We want to deliver this project while working hand-in-hand with local residents.

Recent consultation work showed local support for the draft plans which are shown in this 3D flythrough. These plans will now be finalised and will reflect local demand. The plans are also available to view by contacting the Arbroath Community Housing Team on 01241 435263.

Some residents in Timmergreens have already been rehoused and we would urge others in the area to complete housing applications and to contact the Community Housing Team to discuss their housing options. We want to work with local residents. If you live in the area and want to be involved in the regeneration of Timmergreens, please contact Debbie Gowans on 01307 474769.