Financial Help for Lower-Income Families from Social Security Scotland


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Best Start Grant is a package of three payments intended to give financial support to lower-income families during the key early years of a child’s life. The Best Start Grant payments will be fully available by summer 2019.

Social Security Scotland will start taking applications for these grants on the following dates:

  • The Early Learning Payment (a one off payment of £250 for children aged between two and three and a half) – from 8am on 29 April 2019; and
  • The School Age Payment (a one off payment of £250 around the time a child would normally start Primary 1) – from 8am on 3 June 2019.

Further details can be found on the Scottish Government website


Private Tenancy Reform



As we mentioned in our previous post, any private tenancy created on or after 1 December 2017 will be a private residential tenancy. The new tenancy will replace the assured and short assured tenancy regime (although existing ones will remain in place until they are ended.) To find out more about private tenancy reform see Scottish Association of Landlords’ Private Residential Tenancy video.

The Scottish Government recently published new documents about the new Private Residential Tenancy: