Our Housing Performance Report 2018 – 19

We have produced a Report Card which lets you know how our Housing services performed last year against the standards set by the Scottish Housing Regulator in the Scottish Social Housing Charter.


The Report Card was prepared after consultation with our Tenants Steering Group to ensure we have reported the performance our tenants think is most important.

The Report Card is available on the our website now.


Our Annual Assurance Statement for 2019/20

Under the Regulatory Framework, we must submit an Annual Assurance Statement to the Scottish Housing Regulator by 31 October every year. We also must publish it so tenants and service users can see it.

Our statement was approved at Communities Committee this week and states that the Committee, which is our governing body, is assured we meet all statutory requirements.



Our Performance – at a Glance!

Each year we (and all other social landlords in Scotland) provide a wide range of information about our Housing performance to the Scottish Housing Regulator for the Scottish Social Housing Charter. The purpose of the Charter is to:

  • state clearly what tenants and other customers can expect from social landlords, and help them to hold landlords to account
  • focus the efforts of social landlords on achieving outcomes that matter to their customers
  • provide the basis for the Scottish Housing Regulator to assess and report on how well landlords are performing. This assessment enables the Regulator, social landlords, tenants and other customers to identify areas of strong performance and areas needing improvement

An essential requirement of the Charter, is for landlords to publish a Report Card to show what performance customers think is most important. We have prepared our latest Charter Report Card working in partnership with our Tenants Steering Group, and the information is grouped into the areas which are contained in the Charter.


The Charter Report Card contains performance information on selected areas over the last 3 years, and compares to the Scottish average (where this is available). It also shows whether our performance is improving or declining in each area.

If you have any questions about the Report Card or the data, please leave us a comment.