More affordable homes for Monifieth

In the latest part of our determination to make the local housing market as accessible as possible for home seekers, 22 affordable homes will be built at Victoria Grange in Monifieth.

Taylor Wimpey East Scotland is building 12 two-bedroomed homes and 10 three-bedroomed homes in partnership with us as part of our new supply shared equity scheme. Work is expected to complete in summer 2021.

The 22 homes form the final tranche of affordable housing on the development, which includes a range of two-bedroomed mid-terrace and semi-detached houses, as well as three-bedroomed terraced and semi-detached homes across four locations, including three Angus Housing Association sites. This exciting development will form an integral part of the new neighbourhood at Victoria Grange in Monifieth.

Taylor Wimpey has designed and created an affordable housing range that has allowed its team to work closely with us and our Housing Association partners to create affordable homes with a mix of tenures. On completion, this project will have delivered 84 affordable homes for Angus residents.

Our Communities Convener, Cllr Mark Salmond said: “We are delighted to be delivering new properties in partnership with Taylor Wimpey that will be made available through Angus Council’s new supply shared equity scheme in the summer of 2021.

“Low Cost Home Ownership is a crucial component in our commitment to increase the supply of affordable housing in Angus and will supplement the social housing already delivered on this site. We will help to sustain our local communities by providing a range of routes into home ownership for those people on more modest incomes.”

Pauline Mills, Land and Planning Director for Taylor Wimpey East Scotland, said: “Reaching the conclusion of this agreement for Victoria Grange marks another milestone on the journey towards completing the new community that’s growing at this established development in Monifieth.

“We’ll continue to work closely with Angus Council in order to complete the final 22 affordable homes by summer next year, in turn allowing the local community to reap the benefits of our long-term investment in the area.”

Applications for this scheme are not being accepted yet but should be in early 2021, with the properties due for completion by around August 2021 (subject to delay).

Further information, including how to apply, will follow in due course. Please go to the Monifieth, The Grange dedicated pages on our website for more information and qualifying criteria or email


Affordable housing For Sale – Shared Equity in Arbroath

Caledonia Housing Association has 14 properties for sale on the Shared Equity scheme at Monarch’s Rise in Arbroath. There are 4 two-bedroom properties, 8 three-bedroom, and 2 four-bedroom properties at the Stewart Milne Homes Development in Arbroath.

Caledonia houses

If you want to own your own home, but are on a low income, this is an opportunity that might interest you. The New Supply Shared Equity (NSSE) scheme gives the opportunity to buy a new-build home without having to fund the entire cost, receiving help from Scottish Government grants.

You can get further information about the properties with details of the Scottish Government’s Shared Equity scheme, or if you want to check if you can apply, visit Caledonia Housing Association’s website.

Caledonia logo

Check out Caledonia HA on Facebook and Twitter



First Home Fund for first time buyers is open for applications

HouseThe First Home Fund is a newly-created, £150 million shared equity pilot scheme that will provide first-time buyers with up to £25,000 to help them buy a property that meets their needs and is located in the area where they want to live.

It is open to all first-time buyers in Scotland and can be used to help buy both new build and existing properties.

The funding provided by the scheme will help up to 6,000 first-time buyers purchase their first home. This is in addition to the more than 32,000 households that have already used the existing Scottish Government shared equity schemes since 2007.

The scheme is operated by Link Housing and more guidance is available on the Scottish Government website.

Affordable Housing for Sale – Shared Equity Scheme at Strathmore Fields Forfar

Shared EquityForfar.JPG

If you want to own your own home, but are on a low income, here’s an opportunity that might interest you.

Angus Housing Association, in conjunction with Guild Homes, offer 8 three-bedroom houses and 6 two-bedroom houses to buy under the Scottish Government’s New Supply Shared Equity Scheme.

If you are interested in the scheme and want to check if you can apply, please contact Thorntons Solicitors on 01382 229111, or visit their website.

For the full details of the properties check the Angus Housing Association and Thorntons websites and our Housing Development Website.

Updates to the Open Market Shared Equity Scheme

The Open Market Shared Equity Scheme helps people who want to buy a home on the open market but are unable to meet the full price.

The thresholds have increased in Angus, meaning if you meet the criteria you could now purchase:

·         1 bedroom property for up to £60,000,

·         2 bedroom property up to the value of £100,000,

·         3 bedroom property up to the value of £130,000,

·         4 bedroom property for up to £180,000,

·         5 bedroom property up to the value of £225,000.

The scheme is still available and here is the link to the website which explains the programme and the eligibility criteria for potential applicants.

Shared Equity schemes for older people


The Scottish Government has now made the over 60s a priority group for those wanting to access shared equity housing.

Shared equity is where an individual purchases a property at a discounted rate (up to 40%), with help from the government.

The government only claims its contribution back when the house is sold or when the individual purchases a larger stake in the property.

There are different schemes available, such as the open market shared equity scheme, new supply shared equity scheme, and help to buy (Scotland), and these all operate differently.

If you are over 60 and are looking to purchase a property more suited to your long term needs, or to be closer to family, but are struggling to find one that’s affordable, then one of these schemes may be for you.

For more information:


Mid-Market Rent and Shared Equity Survey update

We have interim results from our recent survey on alternative tenures such as Mid-Market Rent and Shared Equity on our new  Intermediate Tenure survey website. These results show that there may be a level of interest for these housing products in Angus, but we are still keen to get views from other interested people.


The survey is still open for views on housing options like Mid-Market Rent and Shared Equity – to find out more about them, and give us your thoughts, please complete the short survey.


Housing Options – Mid Market Rent and Shared Equity survey


Housing survey

We want to increase the number of affordable homes in Angus by providing a range of housing options for rent and home ownership to suit people’s needs and aspirations. These options might include ‘Mid-Market Rent’ and ‘Shared Equity’ – to find out more about them, and give us your thoughts, please complete our short survey .

Your feedback will help us determine if these housing options would be suitable and successful in the Angus area.

Help for Home Buyers


Help for home buyers

LIFT Open Market Shared Equity Scheme helps people on low to moderate incomes who want to buy a home on the open market but cannot afford to meet the full price of a home. This is a key step for people aiming to buy their first home.

If you are interested in the scheme see the LIFT leaflet and the Link Housing website.