Weekly Fire Testing Continues at Sheltered Housing

Tenants of our Sheltered complexes are used to fire alarm testing happening at the same time every week and this will continue for the foreseeable future.

fire alarm test
We would ask tenants to continue to stay within their homes whilst these tests are carried out to minimise any potential risks to tenants and staff during the current coronavirus situation.

If tenants hear the fire alarm sounding at any other time, they should follow the fire safety guidance issued at their complex. If any tenant wants to check the timings of the fire alarm testing, these are advertised on the notice board in each complex.


Supported housing available to let now

If you are looking for supported accommodation (also known as very sheltered or extra care housing) and are over 50 or over 60 years old, we have some properties on our Houses for immediate let website on angus.gov just now.

Supported housing helps people to retain their independence in their own tenancies, and offers the reassurance of 24 hour assistance from onsite staff when required. If you’re interested in this kind of accommodation, we’ll do an assessment of your needs to make sure it is right for you and you qualify for it.

Houses for immediate let1

Here are some photographs of the available schemes

St Drostan’s Court,Brechin St Drosdans grid

 Provost Johnson Road, Montrose

Provost Johnson grid

To apply or to find other housing available to let, go to our

Houses for immediate let website

Calling All Willing Volunteers!


Voluntary Action Angus needs volunteers to help run events with our sheltered housing tenants in Angus .

Dedicated volunteers run a range of events such as quizzes, seated exercise classes, seated bowls, fish teas, lunch clubs, bingo, games afternoons, bus trips and these have been such befrienders for tenants who may be housebound and feel lonely and isolated.

You would receive full training, and support, if necessary, to undertake whatever activity you were volunteering to do and if you had a particular activity in mind, Voluntary Action Angus would be keen to hear it and try and make that possible.

If you have a bit of spare time to give, then please call April Glennie on 01307 466113 to have a chat and find out more.

Strawberry Tea Fundraiser at Andy Stewart Court

Well done to the tenants at Andy Stewart Court sheltered housing complex in Arbroath who raised over £200 for their comfort fund recently with a strawberry tea!

Picture at the event are tenant organisers and staff from the local Community Housing Team…


… and folks enjoying their strawberries and tea!