Taking Tenant Participation Forward in Angus

In September, we started our consultation on the next tenant participation strategy and we asked our tenants to give us feedback on the current strategy.

We sat down to a great meeting with our Tenant Steering Group to discuss our current and future Tenant Participation Strategies (see photo below). We got a good discussion going with positive feedback coming about our current strategy and some great ideas for additions to our new strategy.

pic 1

When looking at the new strategy our group looked at good practice from other areas. Although other local authority areas are different from our own, we can still learn from these good practices to make it work for Angus and our tenants.

We will now be pulling together a new strategy which will then go out in draft form for tenants to check over to ensure they are happy with the content and action plans. If you would like to become involved in the editing of the new strategy, please contact Angela Quirie on HousingQPP@angus.gov.uk .

Our tenant group were also updated on how their response to the Housing 2020 and Beyond consultation was taken. As part of our response process, views from a group of our tenants and some from RSLs across Angus were fed into our response at a meeting held with Scottish Government representatives and were greatly welcomed.

Further formal consultation on this initiative will take place next year, if you want to get involved please contact us on TenantParticipation@angus.gov.uk .


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