Angus Homefinder Problem with Change of Circumstances Form 

We have noticed that some applicants cannot report a change of circumstances in their housing application and our contractor is working to fix this issue.

We will update you when the problem is fixed.

Thank you for your continued patience.

If you have an urgent enquiry about your application, please contact our AngusHomefinder team at or call our ACCESSLine at 03452 777 778.


Angus Homefinder Update

Our Angus Homefinder contractor contacted us this morning to apologise for any inconvenience caused by the latest update to the system.

They have advised us that all reported issues have now been resolved. If you have a live application and are still unable to get on to the system to bid for properties, please contact our Angus Homefinder team at or call our ACCESSLine at 03452 777 778.

Our teams would also like to extend our thanks for your patience during this time.

Angus Homefinder Problem for Yahoo Email Addresses

We have been notified of some customers not receiving an email after requesting new passwords for their housing application on Angus Homefinder. We asked our contractor to investigate there may be an issue for customers with Yahoo email addresses. There can be a significant delay in receiving these emails.

Our contractor will investigate further and are hopeful they will fix the issue soon.

If you’ve requested a new password, please continue to check your inbox and junk mail if you haven’t received it.

If you require access to your account to bid on properties and cannot, please contact us at or contact ACCESSLine at 03452 777 778.

Thank you for your patience.

Angus Homefinder Login Problem

We are aware of a major problem with the Angus Homefinder Choice Based Lettings system. If you are trying to log in to bid on properties, you will get the message – “Not a valid user.” Please be patient, our contractor is aware of the issue and is working on it urgently. We will provide updates as soon as we have them.

Reminder – Angus Common Allocations Policy Review Closes Soon

Just a reminder that our allocations policy consultation survey closes on Monday 30 May.

Thank you to all who responded so far.  If you have not yet done so, we would welcome your views.

Click here to get to the survey

We appreciate your participation.

Your opinion matters – please help us with our Angus Common Allocations Policy Review

We introduced the current Common Allocations Policy in November 2020 along with the introduction of our new online housing application and choice-based lettings system.

We and our Common Housing Register partners (Hillcrest Homes, Caledonia Housing Association Ltd., and Blackwood Homes) want to know what you think of our current Common Allocation Policy.

Our Common Housing Allocations Policy sets out:

  • how to register for housing;
  • how we assess and prioritise bids for housing based on housing need;
  • how we advertise available homes to meet the needs of housing applicants on our Common Housing Register.

As part of the review we are consulting widely with individuals, tenants, current applicants and staff. Our aim is to ensure that the policy is open, transparent, fair and easy to understand.

We welcome your input and would like to invite you to complete a short survey on Angus Common Allocations Policy as part of the consultation to help inform our policy review.

The survey closes on Monday 30th May 2022.

Thank you for your participation.

Angus Homefinder – Understanding Household Types – Bid or Match

When we process your application, we will tell you whether your household type is BID or MATCH. This lets you know whether you can bid on properties or will be matched to a property.

Applicants who need supported or fully adapted housing will be MATCH applicants and will be matched to a property without the need to bid.

Applications from people in an institution (e.g. hospital, prison or care facility), who cannot bid will be matched to suitable accommodation when this becomes available.

We know that our allocation policy doesn’t cover everyone’s circumstances. The policy allows for exceptional circumstances and discretion to be applied where you need to move or be housed urgently. In some cases, you may be matched to a property if we need to offer you housing quickly and a suitable property becomes available.

All other applicants are BID applicants and will have to bid for available properties.

Information about Angus Homefinder – Starters and Movers

When we process your application on Angus Homefinder, we will tell you if you are a Starter or Mover based on what you tell us.

When we advertise properties they will be advertised to Starters or Movers or both. To make the best and fairest use of our housing, the following guidelines will generally apply:

  • Properties with two or fewer bedrooms will be advertised as 65% to starters and 35% to movers;
  • Properties with three or more bedrooms will be advertised for both starters and movers;
  • Ground floor, barrier-free properties will be advertised for both starters and movers, regardless of size;
  • Sheltered / Retirement / Amenity and Adapted or Adaptable Housing will be advertised for starters and movers

If you place a bid on a property that doesn’t match your category you will get the following message and the bid will not be accepted.

Angus Homefinder – Support for housing applicants

Here’s some guidance for making the best of our Angus Homefinder service.

You should keep your housing circumstances up-to-date, check what’s available each week and place bids on all properties you are interested in. As this is all done online, some applicants will find this difficult but we have support available to help.

If you have family or friends, you could ask them to help you apply or bid, or you can nominate someone to deal with your application or bid on your behalf. Before providing information about a nominated representative, relative or carer you must have their permission to do so.

You can also get support at your local library or by calling ACCESSLine on 03452 777 778 and asking for the Angus HomeFinder Team.


We understand that some applicants will have difficulties bidding because they do not have internet access or they have other vulnerabilities. Our allocations policy states that in some circumstances where you are unable to access the bidding system, we can automatically place bids on your behalf using an Autobid function.

Please remember, if you refuse 2 offers of housing, we will suspend your application for 6 months, which means you would be unable to place bids. If you need further information about Autobid, please discuss with your Housing Officer or our Angus HomeFinder Team.