Private landlord survey – thank you for your response!

We recently sent an online survey to registered landlords about working together with us to provide housing for people in urgent need and improve tenancy sustainment in the private sector.

This survey was conducted in partnership with the national homelessness charity Crisis, and Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City Councils.

We were delighted to receive a fantastic response from landlords across all three areas. 1725 landlords completed the survey, many leaving useful comments and suggestions, and over half expressing an interest in hearing more about this area of work in future.

Thank you so much to every landlord who took the time to inform our work, and ultimately to help people in urgent housing need in our local authority, at what is a very challenging time for all.

What happens next?

The survey has helped us understand landlords’ opinions and needs in relation to working together in future. As part of our rapid rehousing work, we are already following up on the findings.

Below you can find the survey results :


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